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Can't Stop Eating After the Kids Are in Bed?

Whether it is that bag of chips that your partner is eating beside you or the container of ice cream calling your name from the freezer, evening eating is not your fault.

You may be feeling embarrassed or ashamed of being out of control around food at night. It can feel so frustrating and defeating to stick to your healthy eating through the day but then undo all that hard work in the evening.

Know that you are not alone. As physicians, we weren't taught how to manage this.  You were actually taught a lot of things that create the evening eating.

That's right... being a physician does not mean you should magically eat healthy all the time.  It actually means the deck is stacked a bit against you. But there is hope...

Once you understand where the evening eating comes from (and it isn't that the food just tastes so good in the evenings), you will find it so much simpler to feel in control and reach your weight loss goals.

The great news is that the solutions are simple and can fit into a busy day without a bunch of extra work.

And I'm teaching them LIVE inside this Masterclass.

Sessions run January 11th - 23rd. Multiple times available.

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How to Find Control Over Evening Eating

There are specific reasons why you struggle with evening eating, and they have nothing to do with lacking willpower.  Med School not only didn't teach you how to manage this, there are many aspects of medical training that lead to feeling out of control around food.  


The Top 3 Causes of Evening Eating

Finding control over evening eating starts with understanding why it is there in the first place.  These are the exact 3 tools I teach my physician coaching clients & obesity medicine patients.


How to Apply These Tools to Your Busy Life

No willpower needed.  Tools that fit into your busy day, and don't require loads of extra time.  Because I know you don't have extra time to be doing complicated diets.


Why Diets Don't Fix Evening Eating

Evening eating isn't about a lack of knowledge of what to eat.  It's about things that we didn't learn in school and diets don't fix. Correcting evening eating takes a different approach - and I'm teaching it in this FREE LIVE masterclass!

Sessions run January 11th - 23rd. Choose the session that fits your schedule.

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What others are saying...

"The afternoon restlessness, the day's stress, it somehow turned into an uncontrollable eat fest by nightfall. There is hope! I can enjoy my evening without a constant pull toward the kitchen, amazing!"

~ Dr. Smith, Family Physician

"Dr. Key has a great presentation style. I liked the emphasis on "it gets easier when the day is better".

~ Dr. A

A Note From Siobhan...

Hi there, I'm Siobhan Key, MD.  

Do you find that you can stick to your healthy eating during the day, but then something happens between finishing work and getting home... and it feels like you can't stop snacking, even though you know you aren't hungry?

I've been there.  When my kids were little, I couldn't wait for them to go to bed so I could make a giant bowl of popcorn and flop down on the coach.  I knew I was undoing all the hard work I had done through the day but couldn't stop.  Frankly, I didn't care most nights.

Flash forward and I've learned why I was so out of control around food those evenings.  I don't need to head to the kitchen once they are in bed anymore.  And I lost 55 pounds in the process.

As an Obesity Medicine Physician and Stress Eating Coach for Physicians, I have helped hundreds of people understand their evening eating on a deeper level and find lasting freedom.

And I would love to help you too! That's why I am offering this free training.  Click below to join.

Sessions run January 11th-23rd. Multiple times available.

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This learning experience is powered by CMEfy - a platform that brings relevant CMEs to busy clinicians, at the right place and right time. Using short learning nudges, clinicians can reflect and unlock AMA PRA Category 1 Credit.

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