Freedom From Stress Eating

Exclusively for Physicians


Stress Eating SOS Program

  • Be part of a supportive community
  • Feel in control around food
  • Learn how to stop eating after you start
  • Fuel your body in a way that feels amazing
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You don't have to feel alone or out of control when it comes to eating.


I've helped hundreds of people take control of stress eating in a sustainable way.

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 "I had found low carb and fasting but couldn’t manage my emotional eating. For the first time ever as a child or an adult I am confident I will reach my normal BMI and I am not afraid to acknowledge my emotions - life changing!"

~ Dr.E. Family Physician

This program is for you if:

  • You suddenly find yourself hitting the drive-through and ordering #allthethings after a crazy day at work despite sticking to your plans all day
  • You raid the candy cupboard after the kids are in bed
  • You carry a secret shame of being a doctor who hasn't "fixed" your eating yet
  • You are tired of dieting
  • You want to be in control around food
  • You only want to do things that are sustainable
  • You want to be part of a community that is committed and supportive
  • You are ready for less mind chatter around food
  • You are ready for more energy
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 “Before the program, I was completely out of control binging every night and feeling guilty about eating and my weight.  The videos and weekly sessions kept me on track and gave me a sense of accountability.  I’ve stopped binge eating like before and am able to walk away from trigger foods.  If I’ve allowed a trigger food, I’ve been able to moderate it.  I also lost 5 lbs and feel a lot better"

~ Dr. K, Pediatrician

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrolment.


The next group will be starting April 2021.

But you can still start getting the help you are looking for!


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"It’s not about the food.  It’s about managing my thoughts and actions in other areas of life - the food stuff falls into place after that.

Personal coaching is helpful, and listening to others was equally as beneficial.  Others will bring up things that I can completely relate to and didn't realize was a problem for me or an area I could use help in."
~Dr. C. Family Physician

Key Components of the Stress Eating SOS Program:


1: Live Group Coaching

This is not just some other diet.  Get your specific questions answered and apply the weekly content to your life. Find subtle shifts that make massive changes in your life through coaching.

Experience the life changing power of coaching.  The group coaching sessions are the magic ingredient to find control over stress eating for good. 

Coaching calls are held every Tuesday at 5pm PST (8PM EST) with an additional 2 coaching calls each month held on various days to accommodate for members schedules and time zones. There are a total of 20 coaching calls in 3 months (not including the bonus calls!)

Not able to make all the calls? No worries! All calls will be recorded and replays will be available in your secure course portal. You will have life time access to these replays.

2: Stress Eating SOS Library

All members of Stress Eating SOS have lifetime access to the secure course portal.  You will find a library of videos and other tools where I teach you practical tools that will help you transform your relationship with food. 

This will allow you to stop stress eating in a simple and sustainable way.

The tools taught are easy to fit into your busy life and will create lasting changes in your eating and weight.  

3: Results Acceleration Worksheets

Go deeper and see faster results with the weekly worksheets.

These worksheets are available only in this course and are powerful tools to accelerate your results. They allow you to dig deep into the weekly topics to make it easy to change your stress eating habits.

These are optional.  They are powerful but not required to see changes in your eating. Do them all or only do the ones that will help you the most. With the lifetime access, they will be here when you need them.

4: Bonus Coaching Calls

You will also get access to special bonus coaching calls on topics including:

  • No more charting at night (With Dr. Sarah Smith)
  • Money Mindset (with Dr. Bonnie Koo)
  • Mindful Eating (with Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang)
  • Managing Parenting Stress & Relationships (with Dr. Jessie Mahoney)
  • Sexual Intimacy (with Dr. Sonia Wright)

5: Bonus Facebook Group

Join a supportive community of your peers in a private facebook group for members of this program. I'll be available in the group to help guide you through the week and answer questions.

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"I was feeling stuck. I knew I wanted to lose weight but I kept falling back into my old habits. I also was letting my thoughts get me down - and letting stress and feeling overwhelmed lead to eating foods that were not on my eating plan. I was able to lose a little weight and then I got stuck.

I feel better. I am able to recognize some of my old thought patterns and try not to let myself get trapped there again. I am also more positive with myself and feel more hopeful. It is helpful to see other people dealing with the same thing. I think it is helpful to find community and support - and to find that these feelings and issues are common and normal." 

~Dr. C, Pediatrician

Hi, I'm Dr.Siobhan Key


Course Creator, Certified Coach, Obesity and Family Physician


The struggles of stress eating while living a busy physician life are well known to me.  After years of feeling frustrated by my eating habits, I was able to lose 55 pounds and continue to maintain this loss. Unable to find help when I needed it, it is important to me that other physicians don't have to do this alone. I can help and it is simpler than you think.

I am a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, an expert in emotional and binge eating and a practicing Obesity Medicine Physician. As the host of the  internationally renowned Weight Solutions for Physicians Podcast, I help physicians across the globe manage stress and lose weight.

I am passionate about helping physicians who struggle with stress or binge eating.  I help my clients go from feeling overwhelmed and ashamed of their eating to being confident in their ability to lose weight and find peace from the constant brain chatter around food.

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Stress Eating SOS is the Solution You Have Been Looking For

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrollment.

The next group will be starting April 2021.

But you can still start getting the help you are looking for!

Join the invitation list to be the first to know when doors open and access exclusive bonuses.

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