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“I was feeling really unhappy with my weight before starting Thrive Academy.  The biggest shift is no longer over-indulging or emotionally eating.   I just don’t feel like I have to eat."
~Dr. A. Psychiatry

Do You Ever Catch Yourself Thinking...


🤔  "I can eat well at work but one sweet treat means it's over for the rest of the day"

🤔  "I am WAY too busy and too overwhelmed to focus on my weight loss for more than a few days... even though it really bothers me"

🤔  "The cravings after a busy day in the clinic are so intense that I have no choice but to eat"

🤔  "I feel embarrassed to be a physician who can't figure this out. Everyone would judge me if they really knew how out of control I am…

Sound familiar?

Excellent! You are in exactly the right spot.

First Things First - You Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong.

Losing Weight As a Physician Has Unique Challenges

There are things that come hand in hand with working in medicine that directly drive eating and stop you from losing weight...

  • Pushing yourself hard through the day (without breaks)
  • Caring for everyone else around you before you take a moment to care for yourself
  • The constant state of stress that comes from caring for patients and a million other problems
  • The pressure of holding yourself to a high standard and being hard on yourself when you think you aren't doing enough

While, none of these issues seem directly food related...  They all drive eating and impact weight loss.

And they are only the tip of the iceberg for physicians struggling with weight and food


How to Address The Real Reasons For Your Struggles With Weight & Food

As a physician, losing weight for the last time doesn’t take a magic diet or counting calories.

In fact, all of that could be setting you back further.   

Long term weight loss is created by learning how to get to the root of your personal relationship with food.

And from there, you learn specific strategies for transforming how you eat within the unique challenges of your physician life.

There is no diet out there that can meet you where you are at and work in the long term like Thrive Academy.

When you take a different approach, the one I can teach you, your investments are rewarded two-fold

you lose weight because you can finally be consistent with your eating

- AND you feel happier and more relaxed in your days.

It’s time to thrive. 

How do I know all this? Because as a physician, I lived it.

I spent years trying to lose weight as a doctor.  Even when I could see diabetes in my future, I just couldn’t find success.  

Lose some weight... then get swamped on call and all my old eating habits would come flooding back.  

Has this ever happened to you?

It felt like it took so much energy and work to stay on my plan.  Always having to think about what I “should” be eating was exhausting.

Even my knowledge in Obesity Medicine couldn't help me stick to my weight loss plans.

Eventually I realized that if I REALLY wanted to lose weight and keep it off, I needed to:

  • Enjoy the food I was eating to lose weight
  • Find tools that worked when I was on call or had super busy weeks
  • Find an approach that I could do for the rest of my life, without working so hard

Now I teach physicians, like you, to do this in your own life. 

I committed to figuring this out for myself. (And I did)

I stopped beating myself up about my eating. 

I stopped looking for the perfect diet to magically lose my weight.

And I started simplifying my weight loss approach to create one that was effective, fit into my life and I enjoyed.

Yes, you too can reach your weight loss goals PLUS keep it off.

How? Through thriving – both in your life and your weight loss.

You deserve to thrive.

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Want Different Results?

Then This Way Of Dieting Has To Go!

That “Eat Less, Exercise More” lecture in med school really screwed us up.  We have all spent the rest of our lives dutifully trying to make this outdated concept work. But it was always destined for failure.

And the problem that really makes me want to jump up and yell “NOT FAIR”??  When diets haven’t worked, we’ve blamed ourselves. 

We’ve carried a shame about being a physician with weight issues

And it creeps into every aspect of our lives. 

That's not fair.

It’s Time To Talk About A Smarter Approach;

One Tailored To Your Physician Life. 

Diets don’t work because they completely miss out on the reasons why you are eating. 

As a Physician, you know what healthy food looks like.  The real question is… When you know what you “should be” eating, how do you get yourself to follow through when you have zero time to yourself, feel exhausted and just can’t care?

Adding restrictive rules and trying to follow diet plans that take a ton of extra work was never the answer. You don’t have time for that (nor do you want to live your life that way!)

And you don't have to with the Thrive Model.


How The Thrive Model Works for You

Turn everything you know about weight loss on its head.

❤️   You'll learn an anti-willpower approach: It just doesn't work to berate yourself into not eating when faced with stress fuelled cravings

❤️   You'll build sustainablity from the beginning: that means finding the places where you put in LESS effort and see MORE results.

❤️   You'll learn how to create a customised diet-free Eating Blueprint that takes into account the time you have for meal prep, the foods you and your family like and what works for your body.

 ❤️   You'll be taught effortless consistency tools so you can let go of perfectionism and learn to recover from any challenges along the way.


With The Thrive Academy For Physicians Approach,

You Can Expect:

🌟 Less effort and more results

🌟 Custom interventions that seamlessly fit into your life

🌟 Fail-safe strategies to handle any challenges life throws at you

🌟 Expert support within a unique community of fellow physicians who understand your struggles

Investing in Thrive Academy for Physicians means never having to follow another diet again. EVER.

It's time to break free from the limitations of outdated diets and embrace a smarter, more personalized approach to achieving your goals. 

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“I was feeling really unhappy with my weight before starting Thrive Academy.  The biggest shift is no longer over-indulging or emotionally eating.   I just don’t feel like I have to eat. 

On the days that I eat extra chocolate, it’s not a moral failing. 

I’m better able to recognize and manage stress, and let eating just be eating.”

Dr. A. Psychiatry


A 6 Month Group Coaching Program for Physicians Who Are Ready to
Lose Weight For Good While Thriving in Their Lives
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These Amazing Results Are Waiting For You

"I had literally zero cravings on a recent trip and honestly didn’t even feel like it was a sacrifice to not eat the French fries or cake or candy etc- and the I chose to have some chocolate mouse because it looked worth it (and it was)- and I felt good about that, too!  

I’ve never experienced a program like this before.  I feel like I’ve finally found something I can truly live with and have a lot of hope and belief for continued success.  Thanks so much.”

~ Dr. B, Dermatology

“I’ve struggled with binge eating pretty aggressively for about 20 years. My eating has really started to stabilize. I’m able to have something like cake without spiraling into a binge

I found the group coaching calls exceptionally helpful. To listen to other people it's amazing how similar a lot of the stuff is. Particularly when it's other physicians.”

~ Dr. S, Radiology

“I struggled with emotional eating.  I couldn’t get past it and couldn’t understand it.  I would eat and eat trying to find something that would make me feel less frustrated.  

Through Thrive Academy, I understand my eating.  I’m no longer frustrated after long clinic days.  Instead of going to the kitchen when I get home, I do some yoga or meditation before joining my family.  I like my body more and feel more comfortable.  I’m enjoying my office again too.”

~ Dr. B., Family Medicine

Simplify & Accelerate Your Weight Journey For Life

When you join Thrive Academy for Physicians, you unlock:

Efficient Transformation: No more diet confusion. The personalized Thrive approach simplifies your path to your goals, accelerating your progress without the guesswork. You never have to wonder how to solve a problem, because you have an expert coach in your corner.

Tailored to Your Busy Life: The Thrive tools fit seamlessly into your demanding schedule, letting you work smarter, not harder. Achieve your health goals without sacrificing precious time with patients, family or yourself.

Ongoing Impact: This is not a one & done diet. Thrive members experience ongoing benefits after graduation. It's not just a program—it's your ticket to a future free from weight worries.


It’s Your Time to Thrive!

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Thrive Academy for Physicians Is Different...


I don’t give you a diet plan or food rules because they don’t work (and they suck).  Instead, I help you develop a customized eating plan, called your eating blueprint.


Learn to make changes to your eating by intervening before it ever becomes about food


I teach you how to use failure to get closer to your goals and support you every step of the way


❤️   How freeing it will feel to be able to walk into any party or social event without being bothered by even the most tempting foods

❤️  The satisfaction of seeing the scale go down consistently while enjoying the food you eat (and sometimes wondering how it can feel so easy this time)

❤️  Basking in the peacefulness that comes from learning how to let go of constantly obsessing about food

❤️  The confidence of knowing you can eat healthy in the most challenging of situations (even if you’ve been up all night on call!) without working harder

❤️  The relief of no longer fearing failure in your weight loss, because you have simple skills to get yourself back on track anytime you need them

❤️  How incredible it will feel to finally see traction in the goals that matter to you, have more energy and feel amazing in your body every day

❤️  Feeling proud of how you fuel your body, care for yourself and honour your accomplishments

❤️  Having busy clinical days that actually feel fun and help reignite your love of medicine PLUS finding it easier to get home earlier with energy to do the things you love

Start Thriving Today!

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"For the first time ever as a child or an adult I am confident I will reach my normal BMI and I am not afraid to acknowledge my emotions - life changing!"

Dr. E. Family Physician

Hi there, I’m Siobhan Key, MD and I’m here to change your life.

But first a question… Have you ever had an eating habit that you are so ashamed of, you have never told another living soul?  You know, one of those ones that you try to hide and desperately hope other people don’t notice?

Mine was Wendy’s French Fries.  I felt so guilty every time I hit that drive through and yet felt like I was powerless to stop.  Every time I got stressed, was post-call, or just had a little time to myself, my brain would start obsessing about them.  And it felt like the only way I could stop it was to give in and go get the fries… 

So I did.  

Over and over again.

I was so wrapped in shame about this habit that I didn’t tell anyone about it.  I didn’t ask for help.  After all, I was a doctor, I should know better – right?

Lucky for you, there is a silver lining to this story.

My quest to be free led me on an educational journey to find the tools that actually work.  

At the crossroads of Obesity Medicine & Life Coaching, I found them.

I found the skills that allowed me to lose 55 pounds and keep it off for years.  Without feeling deprived and without having to worry about the weight coming back.

And this is while working as a Family Physician, practicing Obesity Medicine and being a mom to 3 kids.

The silver lining is that you can learn how to do the same thing.  Inside Thrive Academy for Physicians, I will coach you on a step by step process so you can not only reach your weight loss goals, but also thrive in every area of your life.

Because you deserve to thrive.

You Have Never Felt This Supported in Your Weight Loss...


Here's What to Expect in Thrive Academy For Physicians: 

💥 Small group environment - so you always feel supported as an individual, not a number

💥  Plenty of opportunity for direct support - When you ask for help, you get help

💥  Amazing community - Amplify your progress with the power of a supportive and positive community of women physicians

💥  Step by Step Direction - Designed to fit into the busiest of schedules with simple and effective tools

💥  Weight Loss that Honours You as An Individual - Say “Goodbye” to following other peoples food rules and diet plans. Say “Hello” to feeling empowered in your own plans

💥  Thrive in Your Whole Life While You Watch Your Body Change - Because you deserve to thrive in the life you have worked so hard to build.

💥  Expert Support for Physician Specific Challenges - Thrive Academy will support you while on call, doing long stretches of work or feeling burnt out. We understand & coach on the demands of juggling medicine with life (and all the other roles you may be playing)

💥  Get Returns on Your Time - Any time spent working through the materials in this program and in the coaching calls will create more time in your week… almost like magic!

“The bingeing was really bad when I first started.  All I thought about was food, followed by guilt and shame, and then eating again.  Through Thrive Academy, I learned to see the patterns that lead to binging.

I no longer have negative shame or punish myself.  Binging happens a lot less, I stop earlier, and recover faster.”

-Dr. B. Family Medicine

Lose Weight For Good.
Find Peace with Food.
Love Your Life.

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Exclusively for Physicians

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When You Join Thrive Academy You Unlock A World Of Resources Designed For YOU, A Busy Physician.

1. Thrive Learning Centre 

Instant & Lifetime access to an online treasure trove of weight loss resources. Learn how to create a customized approach to weight loss that is effective and feels good. Everything inside the learning centre is designed for you to thrive while reaching your goals. You get lifetime access to these resources.

2. 6 Months of Live Support in the Coaching Calls

These coaching calls will change your life & your weight loss. Group coaching creates exponential learning for you.

Plenty of opportunity to get direct help plus learn from watching others be coached.

All coaching calls are recorded and you have access to the replays via the app and a private podcast for the duration of the program.

You get immediate access to a library of previous coaching calls as soon as you join.

3. Thrive Success Path Private Podcast

Designed to make starting and progressing through your journey as simple as possible. Commit to listening to these short audio pearls (Less than 5 minutes each - easy to listen to while brushing your teeth!). Build momentum between coaching sessions.

4. CME Credits Included

Earn AMA Category 1 CME credits while losing weight. CME credits are available after every module and coaching call in Thrive Academy. Simply fill out reflective exercises with our partner CMEfy to claim your CME.

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"Coaching with Siobhan helped so much - about food and weight, and everything in my life (relationships, imposter syndrome, self-esteem).  It has been a life-changing journey for me.”

 ~ Dr. K, Family Physician


Thrive Academy for Physicians



Lose Weight with Confidence  ~  Create Ease in Your Weight Loss  ~  Thrive in Your Life

Easy Monthly 

$1000/mo USD

6 Monthly Instalments

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Best Value 

$5500 USD

One Time Investment

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“ The community in this program has made me feel validated in so many things and find reassurance that I'm not alone.  I’ve learned solutions to things that I didn't even think were issues until I heard other people get coached on them.

I've lost over 10 pounds, which was my goal.  I feel good now in my body.

The change I have seen is so powerful.  I honestly did not expect to have this much of a change. It's life changing.”

-Dr. G. Family Medicine

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Lose Weight For Good.
Find Peace with Food.
Love Your Life.

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