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Time Saving Tips to End

Binge & Stress Eating 


Finding control over stress or binge-eating does not have to take extra time in your already busy life. These simple tools can be used on the fly while you are in the clinic, at the hospital or at home.


You're been on the diets. You have the medical knowledge about what you should be doing. So why is it so incredibly hard to stick to your plans? 

You start the day with the best of intentions (Today is going to be the day!) but then comes extra patient fit ins, being behind with people waiting, notes to get done... and don't forget call. All of the sudden you find yourself eating all the food you didn't plan. The day ends with you feeling like a failure and wondering what is wrong with you.

I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. What you are experiencing is a very fixable problem. And the best part? The solution doesn't involve willpower!

This free course is designed for physicians like you who struggle with stress or binge eating. It contains my best tools that don't require extra time in your busy schedule to implement.

That's right, You can manage stress or binge eating while still working a busy physician job, being a caregiver, and all the other roles you play. You can feel in control of your eating no matter what life brings you. And this course will show you how to get started.

Imagine feeling in control of your eating without relying on willpower...

Start on your path today! This free course is now open.


Hi there...

I’m Siobhan Key, MD, Weight Loss Coach for Physicians and an expert in Emotional and Binge Eating. I am also a practicing Family and Obesity Medicine Physician and mom of three young kids. 

I help physicians like you learn the underlying reasons why you are struggling with your weight and how to lose it for the last time. (And it has nothing to do with the “eat less, exercise more” approach we were taught in medical school). What this means for you is you can go from feeling out of control and frustrated with your eating behaviours to feeling confident & unstoppable in your ability to manage your weight and your eating.

I know what it is like to struggle with stress eating. I've been there (for years!) and found tools that helped me lose 55 pounds and maintain that loss. In this course I am teaching you the best time saving tools I use every day in my personal life and with the physicians I coach.  

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Eat More to Eat Less

Learn how eating more actually helps you eat less. Get in control of Binge & Stress eating by stepping out of the binge-restrict cycle.


Conquer Cravings

Imagine being able to be in any food situation and not have to act on your food cravings. It can be done and is easier than you'd imagine. I'll show you how in lesson two.


Discover Root Causes

Binge & Stress Eating are not about food. They are behaviours that are driven by many other factors. Learn how to discover your own root causes and start to fix them in lesson 3.

Want to Leave Weight Struggles Behind?

You can. Your powerful first steps are right here.